Queue Design Massing Model – SketchUp

“Journey Into Magic” Dark Ride

I built this SketchUp model as a spatial study for the queue design of a “Journey Into Magic” dark ride concept, inspired by the grand illusionists of the Victorian era.

Aerial Axonometric Views

Aerial View_Queue-Line-Design-SketchUp-Model-Nathan-Evans

Aerial Reverse_Queue-Line-Design-SketchUp-Model-Nathan-Evans

Overall Plan Indicating Guest Flow

Queue-Line-Design-Ground Plan-Nathan-Evans

Entry Courtyard – Obelisk Fountains

1 - garden overview

Preshow Area Overview

5 - preshow

Backstage Warehouse Views

8 - backstage aerial 4

8 - backstage aerial 5 render

Dressing Room Views

6 - dressing room POV rendered

6 - dressing room POV 2 rendered